week 10

This week I made regular non baked cheese cake to figure out what it is supposed to look like. I decided to make mini cheesecakes to limit the amount of ingredients I needed. Some of them turned out odd and mishaped because I didn’t smooth them done. I also learned that putting them in the freezer worked better than when they went in the fridge because it set them better. They turned out pretty nice and were best served with some sort of jam.

Week 9

Plan update:

When I first started this project I was going to do the tiramisu and then the creme brulee, but now that I’m further in I realize that might not work. For the creme brulee, the recipes calls for vanilla beans which are very expensive and not easy to find. I also am running out of time to be able to make all the things I want. Trying to get expert advise is proving to be harder than I thought as lots of places I’ve looked into do payed tours which is not ideal. There is 2 cafes that I’ve seen that might be the best option to ask for advice.

My next step is to make cheescake for the base of a tiramisu cheescake.

Week 7 and 8

I finally got around to doing the full tiramisu. I had some setbacks with not being able to find ingredientes like the lady fingers. I chose to make them in single size portions and it portioned out very nicely. One of the cool things I learned is that you don’t have to have exact measurments of anything and you can just throw everything together and it still tastes good. I made the first batch with weaker coffee and the flavour wasn’t as rich, so I tried with a differet brand and the flavour came through much better. We had it as dessert for christmas eve and everyone enjoyed it.

This was the first try

Week 6

This week I was going to try making the traditional tiramisu, but ended up not doing it because we could not find any lady fingers in time. I found a iramisu crepe recipe instead and made those. The crepe part was a coffee flavoured batter and then they were filled with wipping creme and mascarpone cheese. They tasted amazing, but if I make them again I need to add more flavouring in the actual batter. I also discovered that baking cocoa powder and dusting cocoa powder are very different. I used the baking cocoa powder for dusting and it was super dry and stuck to the roof of your mouth. I now know to use the other kind for sprinkling on top. Next week I will make more mascarpone cheese and make the traditional kind. Bye!

Week 5

This week I made mascarpone cheese. It is like an Italian cream cheese and is slightly less tangy. I was surprised to learn that you only needed two ingredients; heavy cream and lemon juice.

These were the few things I needed

The cheese had to be refrigerated for 24 hours before use. I found this quite perplexing as the main reason was because it needed to strain all the extra liquid off but that takes awhile. It turned out great and tastes really good. Anyways now I can actually make the tiramisu so that will be in my next post. Bye!

The progress I’ve made

I started researching different recipes and reading about some tips and tricks for better finished products. I was suprised to learn how much mascarpone cheese costed as it was almost $16 for 250gram tub. So I decided that I would use a substitute and started looking for ideas. Lots of websites were saying to use a mixture of cream cheese, sour cream, and heavy cream. Then I found out I could make my own mascarpone cheese for much cheaper, it just requires more effort. I rearranged my plan and my first step for the tiramisu is to make the mascarpone cheese. I have not started trying to make things yet as I was sick the past two weeks and didn’t want to make things only I could eat.

Genius Hour Planning

I am going to learn to make everything tiramisu and crème brulee. I will learn to make the original of both and perfect that to start. I am thinking I will make tiramisu cheesecake so for that process I will learn to make cheesecake first before I try to make the specific flavor. I also would like to make crème brulee donuts so I will learn to make donuts first as well. My goal is to be able to make things with the specific flavors of each dessert. I will bring samples of my progression to have other people taste. I am going to be using recipes for these as I do not have the skill to do so without. For supplies I will use baking tools I have at home but will buy ingredients from the store according to what the recipe says.


Hello, my name is Marika. I’m am in grade 8 and this blog is for english. I really enjoy sewing and cooking along with art like painting and drawing. I also enjoy the outdoors and capturing the beauty with photography. My family is very athletic so I love doing sports. My main sports are speeed skating and dragon boating, but I also do a lot of cross country skiing, biking, hiking and paddle boarding. We travel quite a bit due to skating because all the different competitions are all over Alberta and sometimes in Saskatchewan and BC.

For my genius hour project I have a couple ideas. I could go with more cooking and baking stuff or go with sewing or art things. Here are my top ideas: 1)everything Tiramisu-where I would learn how to make tiramisu and the make things like tiramisu cheescake 2) Everything Creme Brulee- where I would also learn how to make the original and then make stuff like creme brulee donuts 3) Sewing historical dress- I could try to recreate some dresses that would’ve been in style around the 17th century to the 19th century.

I am leaning towards the cooking and thinking about combining the two. I would do bothe Tiramisu and Creme Brulee.